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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Planning Quitting? How To Make It A Lesser Burden?

Ways to Stop Smoking
If you happen to be smoker who realized that puffing the nicotine-rich stick does not bring any benefit for your health, quitting the habit is one of the best decisions that you have made in your life. Smoking can shorten your life as it puts your life at risk. Without taking a bold step to cut yourself out of its tight hold, you will only smoke until the end, until it is too late for you to turn back and save your life from total deterioration.

Quitting smoking is not easy, as attested by thousands, even millions of smokers around the world who fail to do it. However, this is not a lost situation, people who have the determination and discipline can overpower the temptation of inhaling the poisonous smoke again. This requires lots of efforts to fully succeed, there will be feats to be undergone, but it is possible. Below are five ways that can help get you out of the habit if you made a positive decision to change for the better.
Make You Own Stop Smoking Plan
There is no need to rush when you made the quitting decision. You can give yourself a week or two until a month so that you have enough time to plan for it or a time to consult a physician on the methods that might work best for you. However, after you finalized the plan, start right-away and do not prolong it. Prolonging your quitting process may have you lose the drive and decide not to quit instead.

Start Cutting Back
Quitting does not have to be put too much stress on you. This can be possible bu cutting back your daily tobacco consumption. Smoke just half of the cigarette stick after lighting it up. Do not start quitting on a holiday or in any event that will likely bring you stress (stress can make you resort into smoking again). Get a personal calendar and mark the date you will call "my quitting day!"

Ask Advice From Health Experts
Quitting may let you undergo a tough ordeal, but the good thing is you can always ask assistance from the experts. Ask a physician some tips on how you will handle the difficulty of smoking cessation. Nicotine withdrawal can bring the worst out of your experience, so better ask your doctor about  nicotine replacement therapy or other smoking alternatives to help you quit effectively.

Seek Support From Family and Friends
Your family and friends are the very people whom you can rely even in the lowest circumstances of your life. As you quit the habit, informing them can inspire you to work harder and finish your personal challenge. The absence of nicotine may inhibit a feeling of emptiness on your part, so it will be best if their will be people to be your brace in times of distress. If you are away from your family, join  smoking support groups like American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and, or online forums that encourages quitters to move on and win the task you have decided for yourself.

Do not wait for the worse to happen for you to be triggered to act on it. Smoking is bad for your health, and it is a plain truth. Give your best efforts at the start of your quitting day and see the big change in your life.


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