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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heavy Smoking: Understanding Why One Should Quit

Why Quit Smoking
Have you ever wondered why so many people want to quit smoking but they are never successful? Of course they understand the idea that smoking kills people. They are perfectly aware that smoking will not do any good to them, especially to their health. What is wrong with them? Even with so many advertisements and campaigns that encourage people to quit, still people find it so difficult to do so. Especially for heavy smokers who have been dependent on smoking already, the agony is more for them.

 When a person smokes, his life expectancy becomes shorter. The harmful effects of smoking to the body and health is countless. It also gives higher chances to develop different cancers such as lung and cardiovascular. Kicking a bad habit can really be difficult but knowing some ways and strategies that would kick it out of your life would be very helpful. Below are some of the ways.

How To Determine Success

1. Attitude. One can never quit smoking if he would not dare change his attitude. What is the use of trying to quit if you always give excuses to your self? Everything start with having the right attitude. Determination and discipline to oneself should be practiced. It's just like saying when you say no, it should only mean no. No more what if's and but.

2. Reduce. Again, kicking an old habit will never be easy. Thus, no one can expect not to ever smoke in a snap. For those who have been addicted, taking it slowly is advised. You can start by reducing one stick a day for a week then two for the next, until the number of cigarettes would become little. Doing this would help smokers minimize withdrawal symptoms.
How To Quit

3. Keep It. If you really want to quit smoking, never carry it or anything that would remind you of a cigarette such as a lighter for instance. Keep your cigarettes out of your sight, out of reach. At the same time, when you are having your relaxation moment, so not depend on smoking. For instance, when you are watching the television or surfing the internet instead of smoking you can divert your attention by eating some fruits or having a talk with a friend or drinking some healthy juices and drinks.
4. Nicotine Fix. Nicotine is very addictive, the reason why so many people have a difficult time quitting. To have your nicotine fix, electronic cigarettes would be very helpful. Using them would not pose any health and environmental hazards. One can also adjust his nicotine content using this kind of cigarette. Thus, a person can take it slow yet surely that sooner he would be able to forget about smoking.

If people could only sum up the amount of money that they can save when they stop buying cigarettes. Aside from saving money, they can at the same time spare themselves from going to the hospital, suffering from diseases and of course dying. Practicing these things might be difficult at first no matter how simple they may seem, but thinking about the benefits of having a healthy and longer life would be enough to encourage a person.


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