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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heavy Smoking: Understanding Why One Should Quit

Why Quit Smoking
Have you ever wondered why so many people want to quit smoking but they are never successful? Of course they understand the idea that smoking kills people. They are perfectly aware that smoking will not do any good to them, especially to their health. What is wrong with them? Even with so many advertisements and campaigns that encourage people to quit, still people find it so difficult to do so. Especially for heavy smokers who have been dependent on smoking already, the agony is more for them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Save Lungs, Quit Puffing

Effects Of Smoking
The worse thing about smoking is that it has a variety of effects to the body, to every organ which can make a person suffer from different diseases. It is actually the suffering that one has to go through because of the effects of smoking that really kills. Among the organs in the body, it is the lungs that is most affected. Day by day, the number of people who die due to lung cancer increases rapidly. This is because the lung is the organ that has a direct contact with a cigarette.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reasons Why You Should Stop Every Puff

How Smoking Affects Money
Smoking is bad. Who doesn't know this fact? The irony is that even if people know that smoking is bad they still do it. Why? Because they have been dependent and addicted to it already. They always convince themselves that they cannot live without a cigarette stick or they think that smoking is their only resort to ease themselves with whatever difficult thing it is that they are going through. If only people would realize how smoking can destroy their health and even of those around them. For those people who are trying to quit and to those who should quit, here are some of the reasons why every puff should be stopped.