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SKYCIG Electronic Cigarette Accessories
There are many accessories available in the market today that complete a smoker's kit. This accessories add enjoyment and satisfaction. Here are some of the accessories available at SkyCig.

  • Freedom Electronic Cigarette Battery
    • these powerhouses fit perfectly with our SKYCIG Freedom charging case so you can charge wherever, whenever.

  • Freedom Charging Case
    • Are you running out of power while traveling? Keep you electrical devices charged with this sleek and slim Freedom Charging Case that allows you to charge your batteries up to four times before it requires charging itself.

  • USB Stick Electronic Cigarette Charger
    • Keep it in your desk drawer or your laptop pack to always have a charging option available. This can help you anywhere, anytime.

USB Stick Electronic Cigarette Charger

  • SKYCIG USB Car Charger
    • This e-cig accessory can be used when travelling or on a trip.

SKYCIG USB Car Charger

These are just some of the accessories available to match up your electronic cigarettes.