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Friday, November 2, 2012

Nicotine: The Main Reason Behind Cigarette Addiction

Behind Cigarette Addiction
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Despite the fact that cigarette is unhealthy, addictive, and can kill, many people are still hooked to inhaling its smoke. Why is it so? Well the main reason is the content of nicotine in these cunning puffs. About 40% of smokers are making an attempt to stop smoking every year according to the American Cancer Society, however, only few are able to resist the temptation of getting into the vice again and leave the "friendly" stick for good.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heavy Smoking: Understanding Why One Should Quit

Why Quit Smoking
Have you ever wondered why so many people want to quit smoking but they are never successful? Of course they understand the idea that smoking kills people. They are perfectly aware that smoking will not do any good to them, especially to their health. What is wrong with them? Even with so many advertisements and campaigns that encourage people to quit, still people find it so difficult to do so. Especially for heavy smokers who have been dependent on smoking already, the agony is more for them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Save Lungs, Quit Puffing

Effects Of Smoking
The worse thing about smoking is that it has a variety of effects to the body, to every organ which can make a person suffer from different diseases. It is actually the suffering that one has to go through because of the effects of smoking that really kills. Among the organs in the body, it is the lungs that is most affected. Day by day, the number of people who die due to lung cancer increases rapidly. This is because the lung is the organ that has a direct contact with a cigarette.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reasons Why You Should Stop Every Puff

How Smoking Affects Money
Smoking is bad. Who doesn't know this fact? The irony is that even if people know that smoking is bad they still do it. Why? Because they have been dependent and addicted to it already. They always convince themselves that they cannot live without a cigarette stick or they think that smoking is their only resort to ease themselves with whatever difficult thing it is that they are going through. If only people would realize how smoking can destroy their health and even of those around them. For those people who are trying to quit and to those who should quit, here are some of the reasons why every puff should be stopped.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Beauty in Fade

e cigarette

Searching some good art on the Internet help me find myself. Though I never mention to anyone that art is everything to me, I know that everyone already did notice it. Trough Images, I found this nice and fascinating photography. I don't know if who is behind in this unique art yet I thank him/her to post this truly heart capturing art.

Even though cigarette may portray in this photo, the mind bugling meaning is behind. Beauty, color, habit, and culture are posed to make art more appealing. That is why I love to find answers why color is with me even though the photo effects as no color. Ironic, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Tough Guy: William B. Davis

Everyone loves The X-Files. Even myself never forget who William Davis is. I truly appreciate writing this even though I never meet him in person. I never read his book but I known him as he is, as an actor and as writer. Well, that is awesome to him if I tell you that he is a champion. Yes he is, in water and snow skiing. As a director and a writer he is also one of the characters in this phenomenon American science fiction drama. An actor and known as an antagonist behind a known name the cigarette-smoking man. Would you believe that Mr. smoking man is different in real life? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taking Care of Yourself

What truly cigarette is? This is the question most user and non-users frequently ask. Yet there are these reasons why cigarette, e cig or pipe tobacco are made. Even you as a non-smoker tried to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of smoking. The smoker has a lot to do when talking about tobacco.

Have you heard about the new trend? Scientific innovations are not centered only on gadgets like phone and anything that used for self pleasure. Innovation also made to find solutions and alternatives to save someone for something. Yes, I am talking about cigarette and though we all know about what the trend may bring to you or to me or even to us, it is still questionable most especially in our society. The trend is a word that describes new and viral. In cigarette smoking, electronic cigarette is also made to all users or non-users. Why? First, users help themselves to quit smoking while second, they help non-smokers not to inhale smoke from regular cigarettes. That is how powerful e cigs are.