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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cut The Habit or Let The Habit Cut Your Life

Stop Smoking Before It's Too Late

Smoking cuts the life of a woman by ten years. However, quitting before the age of forty would help avoid 90% or more of the risks of dying. On the other hand, stopping before the age of thirty helps avoid more than 97% of the risks. These are the findings of the study conducted by the Million Women Study. 1.2 million women was included in the study ages 50-69. The participants were asked about their lifestyle which includes whether they smoke or not. After three years, the same questions were asked to them. In 12 years of follow up, 66, 000 of them died. Upon the start of the study:
  • 20% percent of them were smokers
  • 28% ex-smokers
  • 52% never smoked
As the finding of the study, women who smoke in at the three year mark are three times more likely to die in the next nine years compared to non-smokers. With this increase, it can be concluded that two thirds of the female who died at the age of 50, 60, and 70 are caused by diseases related to smoking like lung cancer, heart diseases, stroke, and chronic lung diseases. Basically, the more cigarettes women smoke, the higher risk they have of dying.

For young smokers, they often think that they are safe from the said threat and danger. They feel of themselves to be invincible and smoking-related diseases are not likely to affect them. However, when it comes to smoking, sooner is always better. The sooner you quit, or not trying to smoke at all would provide you with a lot of benefits, as well as those around you. Female smokers often think that if they quit, they will start to gain weight. However, the harmful effects caused by smoking outweigh the risks related to post smoking weight gain.

In this present time, a lot of people may still think that quitting is impossible, if not, very difficult. This leads to a large number of people who die because of the harmful effects of smoking. These people die earlier that they should have been. Added to it, their death is always painful. Before people die, they are likely to be in a great agony and suffering because of the diseases they have to suffer from.

To help people cut the habit, numerous tools and ways are available. Some of them are counseling, therapies for nicotine replacement like gum, patches, etc. When one have been addicted to it, quitting can be a difficult not never impossible. For a start, you can lessen the number of cigarettes you consume in a day. At the same time, when the craving is there, find ways on how to divert your attention. It would also help if you keep yourself in the company of people who do not smoke. This way, you would try to control the urge for the sake of others. The effects and the sufferings that you have to go through sooner or later as a result of smoking can also be the motivating factor for you to be more determined to quit. Cutting ten years of your life means being in ten years of suffering before it totally ends up your precious life.


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