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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keeping Your Teen Smoke-free

Teens : No Smoking
The issue about smoking has so many aspects that for a very long time now have still been debated. There are so many questions and reasons behind it. But perhaps, when it comes to smoking, there is only one thing that everyone could not agree more- smoking is bad. And smoking greatly affects so many people of different ages. In this modern time, teenagers are some of the most affected by such. This is not only being a victim of second-hand smoke but due to the fact that a lot of teenagers smoke. This is a problem not just by the parents but also by the society. These teenage smokers can negatively affect other people and the environment aside from destroying themselves. Given the fact that teenage smoking is a long-term problem, what are the best preventive measures for this problem?

Setting as a Good Example
Teenage smoking is common to teenagers whose parents also smoke. If you are a parent and you don't smoke, good. On the other hand, if you smoke, quit now. Quitting smoking earlier is always better and the less likely that your teenager son or daughter would smoke as well. In addition, avoid smoking at home, in the car, or when your teen is around and avoid leaving your cigarette in places where they can find it. It would also help if you will explain that you are unhappy with smoking and how difficult it would be if you want to quit.

Understanding Attraction
For some teenagers, smoking is a form of rebellion or their way to fit in with a group of people. Some of them smoke in order to control their weight while others do so to feel cool and independent. As a parent, ask your teen how she/he feels about the idea of smoking and if they have friends who smoke. If they have good choices, applaud them and talk to them about the consequences of their bad choices. In addition, discuss how tobacco companies are trying to influence the ideas about smoking with the use of product placement and advertisements that gives people a perception is a glamorous thing.

Say No to Teenage Smoking
Even if you feel that your teenager seems like not to hear what you are saying, but say it anyway. Tell him/her that smoking is not allowed. You might not realize it but your disapproval might have a big impact. Teenagers who have parents who are firm with their restrictions have lesser tendencies to smoke than those who have parents with no restrictions to smoking. The same thing is true for teenagers who have a close relationship to their parents.

Appeal to Teen's Vanity
Smoking is never glamorous. Remind your teenagers that smoking will make their teeth yellow, smelly and dirty. Tell them that they will have wrinkles and bad breath as a result of smoking and it will make their hair and clothes smell bad. More importantly, inform them that smoking will give them a chronic cough and they will have less energy to do sports and other fun activities.

Doing the Math
Smoking is definitely expensive. Help teenagers calculate the daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly costs of smoking. Compare the total amount with the amount used for electronic devices, teen essentials, clothes, and many more things.


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