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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Male Impotence as a Consequence of Smoking

Impotence Due of Smoking
Tobacco use is popularly known to be a significant health concern. Nevertheless, there are still millions of men and women throughout the world who continue to use different tobacco products. The majority of anti-tobacco education and advertising efforts greatly focused on the traditional warnings of heart disease, lung cancer, as well as pregnancy complications. However, in the last two decades it has been found out that there is a significant link between smoking and male impotence. Now, if stroke, heart disease, and various cancers are not enough reason for men to quit smoking, then they have to be aware that the habit increases their risk of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is also called as impotence or ED. This refers to a man's inability to sustain an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse. The majority of men experience brief periods of erectile difficulties which are nothing to worry about. But when one has the inability to reach or maintain an erection for a few weeks, or even months, then medical help should be sought. Erectile dysfunction causes anxiety, stress, and affects self-confidence which can have a great impact on relationships.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cigarette Smoking: Save the Gum from Harm

Cigarette smoking is widely known bad habit. It is unhealthy and harmful by causing different serious diseases and illnesses of the body, even affecting those who are nonsmokers. But, smoking is not just one of the major causes of respiratory diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc. This also affects the gum and the oral health of a person. Smoking is also known to reduce the overall health level of a person and not known to many, that the effects actually start from the mouth where a smoker puffs his every cigarette butt.

Danger Of Smoking

Gum disease or also known as periodontal disease is a kind of infection that begins with dental plaque which  contains harmful microorganisms and bacteria in the mouth. The plaque is being accumulated in between the teeth and gums. When this is not removed through regular brushing and flossing, this becomes a tartar. This bacteria-containing plaque and tartar is responsible for the inflammation and infection of the gingival margin. And this becomes gingivitis, the first step of gum disease. When this becomes worse, the little spaces which are called as periodontal pockets begin to develop between the teeth and gums. These little spaces are not visible to the eye and appears when the infection has reached and destroyed the alveolar bone, the bone that holds the teeth in place. When this bone deteriorates, periodontitis takes place, the second stage of gum disease.