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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Save Lungs, Quit Puffing

Effects Of Smoking
The worse thing about smoking is that it has a variety of effects to the body, to every organ which can make a person suffer from different diseases. It is actually the suffering that one has to go through because of the effects of smoking that really kills. Among the organs in the body, it is the lungs that is most affected. Day by day, the number of people who die due to lung cancer increases rapidly. This is because the lung is the organ that has a direct contact with a cigarette.

Having so many anti-smoking campaigns and advertisements, the number of smokers never fail to increase. Regardless of the price of a cigarette, this does not hinder people from puffing. More and more people are getting addicted to it already and quitting has been so difficult for them. Good thing, with the innovation in technology an electric cigarette has been created. E-Cig, as it is more popularly known looks similar to the real cigarette. It also produces a vapor and smell which is like that of traditional cigarettes. This electronic cigarette is created to satisfy people with their cravings while giving them the benefit of having their nicotine fix. Using this would let people adjust their nicotine consumption. At the same time, they can choose from different flavors available that they would definitely enjoy. E-cig comes with so many benefits. This is legal and cheaper than tobacco. It does not pose any threat to the smoker's health, second-hand smoker's and the environment.

anti-smoking campaigns
Preventing people to smoke or encouraging them to quit smoking is so difficult and usually takes time. Sometimes, it becomes too late for a person to quit smoking. Before they know it they already have chronic diseases, some of them die. Utilizing the use of this E-cig would do wonders to everyone. The fact that our health is our wealth should be given justice. Taking care of our health is a must. The development of this electronic cigarette would be beneficial to smokers especially to those who have been dependent already. They can still do the same thing since withdrawal from smoking can have negative effects to the body also. Thus, taking it lightly and in a more healthy way would definitely let people enjoy their lives longer.


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