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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reasons Why You Should Stop Every Puff

How Smoking Affects Money
Smoking is bad. Who doesn't know this fact? The irony is that even if people know that smoking is bad they still do it. Why? Because they have been dependent and addicted to it already. They always convince themselves that they cannot live without a cigarette stick or they think that smoking is their only resort to ease themselves with whatever difficult thing it is that they are going through. If only people would realize how smoking can destroy their health and even of those around them. For those people who are trying to quit and to those who should quit, here are some of the reasons why every puff should be stopped.

First of all, one has to be practical considering how difficult the economic situation is. If you want to save money, quit smoking. Simple. Can you imagine how much money do you spend just for a cigarette everyday? Try to calculate that amount every month, then every year. Big enough right? Can you imagine what you can buy with that amount? Many people believe that smoking is cheaper than other vices there is, but have you thought of the long term effect? You definitely know that smoking can trigger so many diseases. When you get sick, can you imagine how much money are you going to spend for your hospitalization and medicine? You still have time to calculate.

Secondly, health is wealth. This is a cliché that will forever remain true. Let us say that you are a person who have high hopes and dreams. You want to be rich, to have your own business and make it big in everything but you do not want to quit smoking or maybe not trying hard to do so. Do you think smoking will make you successful? Definite not. We will have the chance to do anything, everything as long as we are in a healthy condition. Being healthy will always be an opportunity for us to push ourselves to do great things. Now, think about your future without puffing.

Effect in Life Span

Thirdly, save lives. If you do not care about your own life, care about those lives around you. For sure, they have brighter and bigger plans for themselves, do not hinder them from achieving those things. Every puff feels good, right? But do you realize that in every puff, you let those harmful and killer chemicals rule over inside your body and eventually destroy it? And every time you exhale that smoke coming from that cigarette stick, you are trying to kill another person? Do you also know that second-hand smokers, those who receive what you exhale sometimes die faster than you? It is because the smoke you exhale is more than the smoke left inside your body. Now, at the least be concerned.

Why QuitThese are only three of the so many reasons that can help people quit smoking or maybe to encourage them never to try smoking. However, these three already sums up everything. As an alternative to smoking, for those who cannot quit easily there are electronic cigarettes that can help them. Realizing these things, hope everyone would be able to inhale a fresher breath of air.


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