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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

E-Cigarettes: Reduce the Risk of Mouth Problems?

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You might be wondering on how safe e-cigarettes could be now that many issues and arguments about how tobacco and electronic cigarettes affects your health are spreading in every corner. Probably, there are some reasons why people are doing this.

Reviews show that tobacco cigarettes are risky to the health of a person including cancer in any part of the body, specifically, in the mouth. Somehow there are still factors you have to know about how healthy blu electronics cigarettes could be on your mouth and teeth.

Smoking's Contribution to Dental Problems

Smoking tobacco largely increase the risk to oral cancer, a diseases that can be deadly if not treated early. It will also trigger the danger of catching gum diseases which are the reason why people loss their teeth. Smoking in some cases can also slow down the recovery of some oral operation like having your tooth pulled. Aside from that, smoking can also damage your gum tissue, cause tooth decay, produce bad breath, tartar build up, and stains on teeth.

Problems like tooth decay, bad breath, tartar build up, and stains on teeth are common to people who are smoking intensively. Tooth decay is an evidence that you do not have a healthy mouth. Some tooth decay is associated with pain making a person uncomfortable and suffering. Bad breath is a case where a person is producing an awful smell from the mouth which cannot be remedied with simply using mouthwash or even brushing the teeth. In some instance, people who are smoking have stained teeth, making it looked yellowish or even darker and remarkably nearing to black.

Why Choose Electronic over Traditional?

More nicotine is found on cigars and cigarettes that produces toxins that can damage the teeth and gums of a person and even ending up to a cancer. Experts say that over 28 cancer-causing chemicals are found in tobacco especially those are smokeless.

Smoke from tobacco is caused by burning the chemical content in the cigarette making it more hazardous than electronic cigarettes. The process of producing the smoke-like element from e-cigs is just simply a product of the battery operated atomizer that converts liquid into smoke like substance. But if you have to take a look at it, electronic cigarette is just assimilating the process of using a real tobacco. The smoke it produces is not real smoke from burning, but just an imitation.

When compared to a real tobacco, the nicotine content of electronic cigarette is very small. It has no other toxic containing elements that can cause cancer to the mouth. The nicotine a human body may get from electronic cigarettes can be eliminated in the process of maintaining a healthy body, by brushing the teeth regularly right after vaping, eating nutritious food, taking supplements, and doing exercise. It won't be difficult to avoid sickness and ailments when a person is practicing a healthy living.

You cannot say no quickly to smoking when you have been intensively using it almost of your life but you will be able to stop it using electronic cigarettes as remedy. So far, it can be considered the better way of quitting smoking and refusing the risk of acquiring diseases. Using electronic cigarette can still be considered a wise choice especially when you are thinking of its effect to your mouths health. The process is just simply like preserving your mouth's health the way you keep your electronic cigarettes.


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