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Friday, September 19, 2014

Preserving Your E-Cigarettes

Vaping Electronic Cigarette
You might be one of the generation's smoking quitters and seriously switched to e-cigarettes. Somehow, there are several things you need to know to preserve your new blu cigs. Preserving means keeping something to make it last for a long time.

Do you want to preserve your e-cigarettes?

You must follow these simple tips.

Avoid charging frequently.

E-cigarettes are classified as disposable or rechargeable. It is much wiser to purchased the rechargeable one. In dealing with this e-cigarettes, you must not charge it frequently. You need to monitor the performance of the battery. If it is still working as normal, no charging is needed. There is a sign that require you to recharge your e-cigs. When you observe it not working and emit a small amount of smoke, then it's about time to have it recharged. Overcharging can damage the battery. 

Always check the E-liquids.

Just like your water dispenser, you don't have something to drink if it doesn't have water in it. E-liquid are liquids containing flavor for the e-cigarettes. It must have enough e-liquid when used. Drying up of the liquid can cause the device to malfunction.

Monitor the cartridge.

The cartridge of e-cigarette has the built in vaporizer that ensure the production of smoke-like substance from the e-cigs. There are some cases that requires changing of cartridges, thus, it must be monitored.

Do not drop the e-cigarette.

Impacts like falling on the floor can cause the e-cigarette to break and damage its parts. It has components inside, including the battery, vaporizer and e-liquids. With too much impact, the case for e-liquid might be broken and can cause it to leak. 

Taking Care of E Cig

Keep it away from children.

Children might think it is a toy. They might play with it and disassemble it and loose its parts or throw away in an instance. Find a safe place where children can't find it.

Don't put e-cigarette in the water.

Exposure of your e-cigarette in water can damage the function. Remember that your e-cig is battery operated. Water can broke the function of the battery and other components inside including the vaporizer.

Don't keep it unattended.

This must be the last thing you have to remember. You need to ensure where to put your e-cig. Somebody might see it and get it for their benefits. Aside from that, pets like dogs might play with them. Dogs have that characteristic of eating things that interest them. The flavor of your e-cigarette can trigger them to chew it. 

These mentioned things are easy and simple things to remember when handling e-cigarettes. It's not just for preserving your e-cigs but also ensure the safety of the people who are not aware around you especially children. 

People value things that are important to them. You keep your things because they are valuable to you. Your e-cigs might be that important to you. For sure, you don't want to loose it, especially when its new. Why suffer from spending money on buying another when you can preserve it? Preserving is not that bad after all. It's the simplest form of being practical.

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