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Thursday, October 9, 2014

TLC Is What Your E-Cigarette Needs

There are proper and easy tips to clean your e-cig and storing it the right way afterwards. It's always a good idea to at least give it some TLC to maintain its performance and to make sure that it will last a lifetime.

E-Cig Care

First Tip. Clean the Battery With A Cotton Buds

Yes, that easy! All you need is just a cotton buds to clean it especially if there are some small debris and a e-liquid gathered at the metal point of your battery. You can give it a good wipe using cotton buds by twisting it around. What will you get after it? Of course, a good connection and a great e-cig vapour!

Second Tip. Your Clearomiser Needs Some Cleaning Too

Usually, you carry a pro kit tank in your pocket. The effect is, the mouthpiece will easily get dirty. But this is not a big problem. All you need is to wait for it to be empty and clean it by unscrewing the clearomiser from the battery. Unscrew the base of the clearomiser too and make sure that the mouthpiece is facing the floor. And in a paper towel, place the base in it. You are now ready to run a warm water through the clearomiser and with the help of a cotton buds, push it through the mouthpiece and give it a twist around. Make sure that the cotton buds can touch all sides of the clearomiser. Just repeat it until you see that it's already clean.

Third Tip. As Much As Possible Keep It In The Case

If you can only keep it in the case, just leave it there if you're not using it. The case is used to protect your e-cigarette from dirt, debris and worst, from bumps. This is favorable to you too because with a little TLC with your e-cig, you can make sure that it will work at its best!


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