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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Choosing E-Cigarettes At Work

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More and more employees all over the world are experiencing new freedom by choosing e-cigarettes over tobacco. Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs for short), are refillable and rechargeable devices that most people use when they want to quit smoking. While it's true that there are worldwide bans nowadays; the use of e-cigs can be a special case.

Why Employees Go For E-Cigs

There are two main benefits as to why most folks today prefer e-cigs: 1) health and 2) savings. Government and non-government campaigns against smoking has prompted many to cut the habit. However, once you're addicted, it can be very difficult to control. A lot of people who quit too early or too soon experience severe symptoms such as seizures and fever.

That's why several health experts have advised electronic cigarettes as a means to replace tobacco during the quitting phase. While flavor cartridges can contain nicotine, it can be gradually lessened until the smoker cuts the habit for good. If possible, the person may also switch to a nicotine-free liquid right away. 

Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigs can actually save you more money in the long run. If an average employee calculates the amount he spends on this hobby, it can really add up to thousands of pounds a year. With electronic cigarettes, you buy a kit as an investment, then use it for as long as you want to (or as long as you are quitting smoking). The only thing you need to purchase from time to tome are liquid cartridges; which don't cost much.

Is It Okay For Office?

Smoking bans cover 'manufactured and hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes, cigars and herbal cigarettes' – but NOT e-cigs because it doesn't fall under said definition. However, your boss may still give you sanctions based on company policies. It's best to talk with your management regarding e-cig use at the office. 

Present them with e-cigarette benefits. Remind them that compared to tobacco or pot, the use of electronic cigarettes doesn't leave employees intoxicated. They can resume work as usual even after a 'smoking break'. Creating a friendly policy that caters to both smokers and e-cig users is a great way to foster a healthy, cooperative workplace.

Responsible E-Cig Use At Work

To be on the safe side, you can smoke in designated areas OR suggest a special smoking domain just for e-cig users. That way, you won't have to get mixed up with other tobacco users. This is really useful, especially when you're trying to cut the habit. You and your colleagues could sign a petition to get the management to assign a separate space for those using e-cigarettes. 

Another aspect to remember is to NOT abuse your 'smoking breaks'. Remember: you need to prove to your boss that e-cigs are a good influence. They're a healthy alternative, as well as environmentally-friendly. So make sure your breaks are authorized. Otherwise, you might be subject to disciplinary action. 

Responsible smoking applies even with e-cig users. Get your company to support healthy ways of quitting by being an example. If you have trouble convincing others, ask co-workers for help. Get ideas on proper e-cig use and enjoyment by checking blu ecig YouTube channel today.


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