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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

E-Cig Accessories: Experience New Freedom

Are you wondering if you can experience something better with your blu cig? Aside from a nicotine-free life, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs, for short) offer a portable and environmentally-friendly solution to an age old problem: smoking. If you haven't quit the habit yet, now's the best time to start. Consider yourself an e-cig fan? Amp up your current experience with a whole host of practical (and pretty) accessories.

 Electronic Cigarette

Regular Add-ons

  • Cartridge Refills
 The best thing about e-cigs is variety. Never thought you could smoke pina colada? Well, apparently, you can. Many manufacturers produce dozens of varied flavors to suit every taste, lifestyle, and preference. For the classic lovers, there's always mint, menthol, and tobacco. Adventure seekers may want a hit of cherry or cola. Cartridge sets typically come in three's or a variety pack.
  • Chargers
 This is only applicable for rechargeable e-cigs (there are disposable ones). It comes in two forms: the USB stick charger and the standard DC car charger. The USB variant is more popular than the latter because of convenience. Plug it into your laptop for example, and it will recharge your cig in minutes. If you're in for a road trip with friends, be sure to bring along your car charger for a worry-free ride.
  • Clamshell Cases
The durable and ideal housing for your beloved e-cig. Nowadays, they come in all sorts of colors and materials. The inside should be lined with foam or soft velvet to provide maximum protection. Most clamshell cases can accommodate electronic cigarettes, extra cartridges, plus your USB charger. Standard length is typically 4-5 inches and 2-3 inches wide. E-cig cases are also a great way to showcase your personality. Feeling a bit classy? Get a leather case to match your satchel. Want to look playful? Grab a case in fun colors like yellow, blue, pink, or purple.

Blucig E-Cigarette

Special Accessories

  • EU Main Adaptor
 Going abroad? You'll be needing this to ensure a headache-free trip from Paris to Rome. The problem with a conventional adaptor is that it won't fit the European standard sockets. So don't forget to pack one in your luggage so you can smoke wherever you go.
  • Shotgun Tips
 Are you the experimental smoker type? Then you've probably dreamed of mixing your favorite flavors together. With this accessory, you can. It also works great for folks who like holding their cigarette between teeth. Simply slip it onto two of your e-cigs, puff, and enjoy. Depending on the manufacturer, this product comes in double or triple barrel types.
  • E-cig Charms
Customize your electronic cigarettes with cute charms. This accessory however, is NOT sold by e-cig manufacturers. It must be bought elsewhere (like on online shops or your local e-cigarette accessory shop).

E-cigs are all about freedom; so it's no wonder that their accessories pretty much add value to that. Imagine quitting nicotine altogether, while still enjoying the experience and taste of smoking. That's exactly what electronic cigarettes is all about. The freedom to be yourself, to be healthy, to have choices, and to simply enjoy life.


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