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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vaping E-Cigarette 101: A Tutorial

Electronic cigarette is considered a personal vaporizer. The said electronic product runs on a lithium battery. What does it mean? Some e-cigarette are made as an alternative to smoking but compared to it, e-cig basically rely on liquid rather than nicotine which is present in a regular cigarette or tobacco. 

Vaping E-Cig
Image Credit: economist(dot)com

Here's a simple guide on how to vape your electronic cigarette.

1. Prepare your e-cig. Purchase it in your electronic cigarette brand store or you can also get one online.

2. Screw the liquid cartridge. Other term for it is called cartomizer if your electronic cigarette is only one part.

3. You need to charge your battery. Some e-cig are partially charged so you still need to charge it before using it the first time, especially if you saw that the vapor it produces reduces already.

4. You're now ready to draw the vapor. How? Try to look for the brown section which is a regular cigarette filter.

5. Breath in slowly. Use a slow inhale only in about 3 seconds.

6. Instead of inhaling the vapor into your lungs, try to keep it in your mouth. Inhaling it into your lungs is not recommended. The vapor must be absorbed through the mucus membrane so you must stay it in your mouth four to five seconds.

7. Then be ready to exhale now the vapor through your mouth or nose.


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