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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Switching to E-Cigarette: Top Reasons Revealed

Are you one of those who switch from the traditional cigarette to e- cigarette? No doubt that millions of smokers today choose the latter because of the benefits of switching to this electronic product. Here are some of the top reasons why from an adult smokers point of view. 

Switch to E-Cig
Image Credit: dripnripvapes(dot)com

The Sensation And Experience

Smoking electronic cigarette gives the same sensation when it comes to tactical and mechanical motion as cigars.

It Saves Thousands Of Penny

How much do you spend when you buy a traditional cigarette? It cost you a large amount of money annually. But with e-cig, you don't need to buy another, you just have to charge it and then use it again.

It Can Use Anywhere

E-cig has no smoke. It's just a water vapor. It only means that you can use it anywhere without worrying about other people's health.

It Won't Give You A Bad Breath

E-cig is made with different flavors. These flavors prevent you from having a bad breath or foul odor. In fact, E-cig can give you a fresh smelling experience.

No Ashes

You can guarantee that e-cig will not leave any ashes on your clothes because this electronic product has no drop ashes so no need for ashtrays too!

Easy To Carry And Store

When you buy an electronic cigarette, it has its own case to protect it from getting dirty and falling. It's light to carry and will fit in your pocket.


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