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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Tough Guy: William B. Davis

Everyone loves The X-Files. Even myself never forget who William Davis is. I truly appreciate writing this even though I never meet him in person. I never read his book but I known him as he is, as an actor and as writer. Well, that is awesome to him if I tell you that he is a champion. Yes he is, in water and snow skiing. As a director and a writer he is also one of the characters in this phenomenon American science fiction drama. An actor and known as an antagonist behind a known name the cigarette-smoking man. Would you believe that Mr. smoking man is different in real life? 

I believed that we are in cigarette and though this man is famous by his name it is not meant that we are in smoking on overall but what the man mean behind all the success as a main antagonist in the science fictional drama. Let me start with the name “The X-Files” which run as the most longest science fiction series in American television history and not only the story fascinated us but the characters itself. 

The smoking man in the fictional television series plays an important role who also gave spice to make the story complete. Though we all know that the man is not only name as a smoker man but named also in different aliases. A villain is always a villain, yet there is truth we are never known about this man. The name strikes us as a smoker-man since we have seen him always as a man for a chain-smoking cigarette. The little character molded and introduced in the series and build a huge character.

William B. Davis
"I tried to put myself in the character’s shoes and see the world from his point of view. After all, villains don’t think they are villains".

 - William B. Davis talking about his character. (,wikipedia)

I believe and idolized William B. Davis for his character and as a real man. I started talking about him from the start and I mention about who he really was. As I mention about the champion, the cigarette-smoking man is truly not just an actor. He is a director, a teacher and an author that a lot to notice when you start looking at him. Bill Davis, the competitive water skier and the master snow skier are never a competitor in his youth yet he manages to be a champion and started its sports when he was in his thirties. 

As a member of fantastic television series The X-Files, Mr. Davis is absolutely a few actors that I like. I have remembered not to be connected with him since then that I know that this man is so cool, I believed I am beginning to like him. Then, who says that smoking is bad after all?


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