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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taking Care of Yourself

What truly cigarette is? This is the question most user and non-users frequently ask. Yet there are these reasons why cigarette, e cig or pipe tobacco are made. Even you as a non-smoker tried to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of smoking. The smoker has a lot to do when talking about tobacco.

Have you heard about the new trend? Scientific innovations are not centered only on gadgets like phone and anything that used for self pleasure. Innovation also made to find solutions and alternatives to save someone for something. Yes, I am talking about cigarette and though we all know about what the trend may bring to you or to me or even to us, it is still questionable most especially in our society. The trend is a word that describes new and viral. In cigarette smoking, electronic cigarette is also made to all users or non-users. Why? First, users help themselves to quit smoking while second, they help non-smokers not to inhale smoke from regular cigarettes. That is how powerful e cigs are.

Little knowledge about e cigarette? The new trend produces no odor, won't stain your teeth and leave no smell to your clothes. Tobacco may bring us satisfaction and for e cig, it gives the same amount of experience yet tobacco have harmful chemicals and already banned most in all countries.

e cigarette
Inside the electronic cigarette:
a. Cartridges – One of the three parts of new trend electronics which flavors and nicotine stored and release as the users inhale.
b. Vaporizer – a part that heats up the liquid and produced smoke-free.
c. Battery – The most important part of the e cig that power to heat up the vaporizer.

Wondering why cigarette smoking is too dangerous?

Cigarette smoking has been part of a habit and most users take it as their partner. Though they already know that smoking can kill, they continually used tobacco yet there are these new innovations that help them to quit smoking. Most developer look up why they choose to invent e cig and help people. The lists also tell that not only adults are in smoking yet students and younger age are into it. Adults were currently a top user, and younger age in about 25 to 44 years old are on the list. High school students also on the list of surveys that smoke regular cigarettes.

Chemicals and substances found in regular tobacco, cigar or cigarette cause cancer. The manufacturer added substances to enhance the flavor and make the smoking more pleasurable. Compounds found in regular include ammonia, carbon monoxide and tar which is also a source of developing a lung cancer. Nicotine is marked as a harmful ingredients, cigarette and other forms of tobacco are addicting. Thus, it tells that the new development in cigarette also belong to the group? Well, probably you may say it is because of the nicotine it contains yet there are these e cig that only develop to help user quit smoking. Not instantaneously but in a matter that everyone could get through in regular tobacco. 


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