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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Quit Smoking for Good?

Quit Smoking For Good
One of the techniques in quitting smoking is the use of electronic cigarettes. These are devices that stimulate smoking sensation. The effects of using e-cigarettes are gradual because it still tolerates the smoker’s addiction to nicotine. The risk of using it is that, the user can have a sudden change of heart and get back to smoking. As you know quitting smoking is easier said than done. It needs self preparation, psychological readiness and social help. If you have finally decided to quit smoking for good, here are some tips you must follow:
  • Set a quit date and prepare yourself for the temptations you can get while you are quitting. You must stick with your plan. You can set your quit date after two weeks so that your body can still adapt to changes. Also, ask yourself why you want to quit smoking. Think of a powerful motivation to compel you to stop it for good. An “it’s not good for your health” reason is not good enough. 
  • Tell your family, friends, officemates, colleagues and everyone you are with that you are quitting smoking. One of the reasons why it is hard to quit smoking is when you can see that your group support continues to influence you with their smoking habit. This is a social therapy to ensure that there won’t be relapse on your part. You can’t just say you are quitting because your brain has been used to it and it would be hard to change it. Seeing a cigarette or a person encouraging you to smoke will trigger your addiction to it. 
  • Try Nicotine replacement therapy. It is a technique where electronic cigarettes are used. It gradually decreases your cigarette consumption until you completely get rid of it. Stick to your plan and think of it as a tool to let your body adjust to a non-smoking habit. 
  • Remove cigarettes in your house, car, or office desk. Also, remove lighters, ashtrays, matches or anything that could remind you of your smoking habit. You must also freshen up everything that smells like smoke. It will make you feel a renewed healthy life. 
  • Talk to your doctor and ask for medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms. You can get some pills that will reduce your cravings for tobacco. It can also help in alleviating depression and other troubling symptoms. 
  • Maintain an active life. Physical activities can divert your attention and lessen nicotine cravings. Mild exercise will do. When you feel the cravings again, jog or walk around the town. You can bring your dog in the park and have a deep breath with fresh air. 
  • Reward yourself every time you have countered your cravings for a smoke. Pamper yourself through a massage, salon, spa, or vacation trip. This is a good positive reinforcement to make you stick with your plan in quitting smoking. 
The time you stopped smoking can mean a few more years ahead of your life. Don’t spend your life suffering from the diseases brought by smoking. Stop it now. Make it for good. And live a healthy and happy life.


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